Subjects: Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, Accounts

School: Delhi Public School

Aptitude Mock Test Score Before Preparation (SAT): 1310

Aptitude Test Score After Preparation (SAT): 1510

This student joined us at the beginning of the 11th grade with a strong academic record in Mathematics. He was an active member of the MUN club and the Quiz club. He also participated in various sports events. Looking at his friends wanting to become Chartered Accountants, he found himself stuck between going with the crowd or doing something else. Over the next two years, we conducted a thorough career counselling session which involved analysing his report cards, his extra-curricular certificates, talking to him and his parents about his interests. His short term and long term goals were determined, this helped him get more clarity about the field of study that would keep him interested and determined to keep doing better. Given his interest for quantitative aptitude and how the economies function, we encouraged him to build his profile to align with his interest in Economics.

First, we went through the various professional options he has and narrowed down to Actuarial Sciences and related work options. In order to get a greater understanding of the job role and the working behind actuarial sciences, we suggested an online course. As he was attending the online class, we encouraged him to take part in various economic activities. Some workshops organised by us such as ‘The International Trade game’, ‘The First-Mover Advantage game’ and ‘Statistics made Fun’, not only helped him understand the various subfields in economics, but also helped him further work on his communication and interpersonal skills. Upon seeing further interest in the field, his time commitment, his fast-learning capability, we decided to help him explore some necessary computer softwares. The advantage of being well versed in at least one highly important and necessary computer software, can be seen early. This helped him get better internship opportunities in school itself. However, we advised him to do an internship in a highly reputed finance based firm for 6 weeks where he was given the opportunity to determine the likelihood of various outcomes in topics like supply , investment and consumer demand while learning to perform elaborate calculations. Alongside these activities, he diligently prepared for the SAT.

Having learnt a new computer software, completing some online courses, and completing a remarkable internship, it was now time to traverse into something new. While building one's profile, it is important to focus on giving back to society. It is at this point that we helped him brainstorm. Combining his interest and involving it to a social service responsibility, was now his goal to experience something different. We assisted him in creating and founding Educate- Them, a social initiative intended to educate students between the age of 15-20 from ‘not so well to do’ families, about the importance of economics- the dynamic economy, basic and advanced mathematics and statistics classes, along with computer software learning classes.

We helped him get connected with a Non-Profit Organisation that is involved in providing free education to primary students. This helped him understand the crucks of managing a social service organisation. We assisted him to make a plan of action and get things rolling. At first there were just 6 students and as of now there are more than 100 students.

He now has a team of 30 members. Additionally we helped him in initiating an original Youtube series that covers various interesting topics on Economics and Mathematics.

This candidate, on the basis of his academic success and cause-driven profile, managed to demonstrate in an outstandingly mature manner, his interest in problem-solving not only for business houses but also for the betterment of the society. His energy and time was invested into the activities that he is passionate about. For this reason, the candidate has been accepted at a top 5 school for Economics in the USA.