Subjects: Mathematics, Economics, Political Science, Geography

School: St. James’ School

Aptitude Mock Test Score Before Preparation (SAT): 1260

Aptitude Test Score After Preparation (SAT): 1450

This student came to us in the beginning of the 12th Grade with great grades and a history of achievements in theatre. Her love for art was exceptional. She was an active member of the Dramatics club where she had organised various events related to art and theatre and she was also a member of the MUN club. Other than her interest and expertise for art, she had set her mind to make a change. “Difference”, that's what she told us, she wanted to make a difference. For her, art was what she enjoyed but she wanted to incorporate her artistry into her professional life. Strong-willed, she knew that if she wanted to do something impactful, she would need to start early. Upon talking to her and her parents, we understood that she strongly believed in the protection of children’s rights. Almost all of her stage performances were about providing humanitarian and developmental aid to the children. She wanted to fight for the rights of underprivileged children, wanted to teach them to live life by exploring the different forms of art and expressing themselves through the same. Her zeal for giving these children justice , pointed towards the importance of a subject like political science.

‘Build your profile, work on yourself.’, this was the mantra she used for the next one year. In order to give her a proper understanding of the various challenges and opportunities of the field that she wants to go into, we got her connected to a few renowned political activists. She attended various workshops and seminars like ‘ With Love, You can make a difference”, “ We are Together” and “ Kid Care”. She also participated in a workshop organised by us where the special guest was a famous Human Rights Lawyer. That session was according to her “ A Life Changing moment”. It is then that she fixated on becoming a Human Rights lawyer and fighting for the rights of children. Our aim with this candidate was to develop a profile that would reflect her interest.

We got her connected to an NGO that deals with protecting children and their rights. Here, she not only learned the internal working of the NGO but also met various Human Rights lawyers and increased her connection. With the help of this exposure and her enthusiasm in this work field, she got the opportunity to shadow a Human Rights lawyer for a week. This experience helped her learn a lot. Now, apart from the theoretical and practical understanding of the functioning of a Human Rights lawyer, we assisted her in conducting various theatre shows that were to be attended by the underprivileged.

Days and nights were spent, planning on the props to be used, the candies to be distributed and most importantly, the collection of funds. Supplementary to this, we assisted her in organising an interactive session where we connected with some art and craft teachers and provided the deprived children with fun art classes.

Over the year, we successfully helped her gain a good understanding of the steps she needs to take. Based on her academic results, social activism and her ecellect profile, the candidate gained admission in one of the top 10 Law colleges in the UK.