College: St. Xavier’s College

Aptitude Mock Test Score Before Preparation (GMAT): 570

Aptitude Test Score After Preparation (GMAT): 740

This candidate joined us at the end of the first year of his college. He was a bright student who came in the top 5% of the class. He participated in a few business events like, ‘Best Manager’, ‘ Finance Fanda’ and ‘Sell It If You Can’. He had a long list of accomplishments which he achieved in his school days. “ Should I opt for Finance or Marketing? “, he asked. Now, this was not a simple question. This vital question needed to be answered carefully, taking into consideration his likes, dislikes, the kind of work role he sees himself doing, if he was quantitatively strong or weak, and many more questions.

Over the next one year, we had various career counselling sessions. Career based mocks were provided to him. The results of these mock tests along with how he was performing in the subjects that were there in the second year of college gave us a clear idea that he would do exceptionally well with a specialization in finance. His strong critical thinking and problem solving ability with his interest in the finance aspect of how companies work overpowered his interest in the marketing aspect of the company. Now, finance is a broad field of study. In the next one year, we encouraged him to continue participating in business fests held in various colleges. WHile he went for the fests, we would coordinate with him, help him bring out the best in him by guiding his research methodology. We helped him get more exposure through various workshops conducted by us in the various sub parts of finance- For example: Equity Markets and Portfolio Management, Non Profit Finance, Investment (and Saving) Management, Real Estate Capital Market, General Accounting and Deal Structure and Valuation.

One such workshop that helped him understand the stock market and how it works was when we conducted a simulated stock market game- workshop. Here, the participants were given ten thousand fake currency. They had to study the simulated stock market and make investment decisions. This workshop lasted for a period of two weeks. Participants were given study material, real life stock market growth and loss case studies, dos- don'ts and various methods of predicting and forecasting were shared with them. They were asked to make the investment in parts and a pattern was followed, with the help of experts, we analysed the pattern followed by them. Their reasons for every investment was studied and suggestions were given.

The candidate was one of the top three participants. He was awarded a sum of money and was asked to continue exploring his curiosity about the real life stock market.

Upon discussing the different job opportunities that he has, we came to the conclusion that he was interested in the role of a financial advisor or investment advisor. He read various articles about the world financial issues and opportunities. He liked the risk attached to it and would do extensive research before taking a decision. His calm and confident personality, his ability to make complex financial concepts easy to understand,his curiosity to know more and his intention of getting the best possible result made him a perfect candidate to pursue a career in Finance. The exposure he received from the various workshops, along with the constant monitoring and analysis of his academic results gave him the confidence and clarity he needed regarding his short term and long term career goals.

While applying to the Universities, we portrayed his profile focusing on his curious nature and his enthusiasm in learning new things. The diverse workshops that he attended- the knowledge he gained out of them, his awards and achievements, and a well-thought career plan was portrayed in his application. Ultimately, his profile emphasised on his interest in being a great finance professional and his passion in being one.

This led to him receiving offers from top universities in the UK and the USA.