College: St. Xavier’s College

Aptitude Mock Test Score Before Preparation (GMAT): 540

Aptitude Test Score After Preparation (GMAT): 710

This candidate came to us in the beginning of the third year. She had been an active member of the Film club, Poetry club and the Dramatic club in school. However, in the first two years of college, she only concentrated on getting good grades. She worked extremely hard and came in the top 5% in her Batch for two consecutive years. She did exceptionally well in subjects like marketing management, organisational behaviour, entrepreneurship development and creativity, integrated marketing communication, public relations and other case study based papers. Finance was her weak point and she would choose anything over it. The only other option available in the college for her was marketing. Now , the question was, “What after this?” The next one year we assisted the candidate by providing adequate information about the different work options available , both- marketing related and management related.

The very first thing to figure out was if she was more inclined to management and consulting related career options or something more creative.After talking to her and her guardian, we decided to get her exposed to different activities so that she can get an understanding of what she likes and what she doesn’t like. She actively participated in multiple workshops organised by us. Some of them were, ‘Is Graphic Designing for you?’, ‘All about Brand Management’ and ‘ Poetry is my blessing ‘. While she was involved in the workshops, she realised that she has a knack for designing. In order to help her get more clarity, we assisted her get connected to Kolkata specific outlet managers of brands like, Coca-Cola, Raymonds, Sasya and Zenith. She did a 6 week and a 12 week internship in Raymonds and Zenith respectively.

She attended the GMAT classes provided by us, her progress was monitored, doubt solving classes were conducted, her score increased. The increasing GMAT mock scores, the experiences she gained out of the workshops and the internship helped us narrow down to her interest and calling for Luxury Brand Management. Her curiosity, extroverted, ambitious and not afraid to experiment attributes , along with her hard work, dedication and talent, gave her the opportunity to gain admission in some of the top Universities in the world. Today, she not only enjoys what she is studying but has gotten the opportunity to intern in one of the most famous luxury clothing brands.