For College / University Students

Mentorship Programme For College Students

Time : 1 - 4 years

The 21st century is the age of disruptive innovations and specialisations, which often propels students to pursue higher education after their undergraduate studies. In India, it is a common scenario where students are driven to choose an undergraduate degree which, either do not satisfy their inherent interests, or seem inadequate to help them in achieving their future career goals. The moment a student starts with the graduation degree, it is imperative for him or her to start planning for a fruitful professional career ahead. During this stage, as students delve into a subject for their undergraduate studies, several avenues reveal themselves, beckoning the attention of the students, which often leaves them confused, baffled and at a loss about the future. This is where the expertise of our team of counsellors at CollegeAims come forward to show the correct path to graduation students so that they become more aware of their own capabilities in a particular field and set out for a journey of extensive exploration and getting acquainted with an array of possibilities. Our vision is to help the student develop holistically, gain experiences which not only add colour to their professional and academic profile, but also help them evolve into able personalities.

Admissions Counselling Assistance

Admissions, especially to universities abroad form a series of intricate, interrelated factors which take into account a myriad of factors, starting from shortlisting of colleges and universities, selection of appropriate courses till getting offers and ultimately procuring a Visa for that particular country. Our senior counsellors at CollegeAims, themselves having undergone this whole process understand the importance of proper guidance during this stage. Thus, we are committed to helping students throughout this entire process - we stay beside our students from when they start planning their careers till they board a plane to achieve their dreams.

Test Preparation