For School Students

Mentorship Programme For School Students

Time : 1 - 4 years (Grades 9 - 12)

Planning in advance is the key to ensure a steady progress towards ones’ career path, for it not only allows one to judge the pros and cons of selecting a particular field of study, but also gives them opportunity to grow their interest and acumen in it. With disruptive innovations invading every nook and corner of education, it is imperative that a student develop himself or herself in a holistic manner, while acquiring an edge in his specialised field of study. We, at CollegeAims, believe that every young mind is capable of ideating, creating and generating path-defining changes in his or her chosen field of study, if he or she receives proper guidance from an early stage. We are committed towards helping an impressionable mind in terms of discovering career opportunities, and in turn, his or her own sui generis values. Our early mentorship programme is an extensive course which is specifically designed for students of 9th to 12th standards. Through this, we try to understand where the acumen of the student lies and consequently, drive them towards self-development activities. Right from recommending the appropriate online courses to opening research ideas and opportunities, we help the students explore various avenues and create a niche for themselves even before they begin their undergraduate studies.

Admissions Counselling Assistance

Admissions, especially to universities abroad form a series of intricate, interrelated factors which take into account a myriad of factors, starting from shortlisting of colleges and universities, selection of appropriate courses till getting offers and ultimately procuring a Visa for that particular country. Our senior counsellors at CollegeAims, themselves having undergone this whole process understand the importance of proper guidance during this stage. Thus, we are committed to helping students throughout this entire process - we stay beside our students from when they start planning their careers till they board a plane to achieve their dreams.

Test Preparation